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I just wanted to thank you for your life-altering tongkat ali information. I'm sure that you are flooded with inquiries and I'll keep this short and to the point. I am 58 yrs old, overweight, mildly diabetic and:

* I've suffered from erectile dysfunction for over 20 years and had initially good results with Viagra and Cialis, favorable results have declined

* Low libido (sometimes non-existent)

* Overall health has dramatically declined

* Arthritis in the knees

* Low/no sex marriage (13 years) due to my inability to get an erection

* Most recently, depression has set in with a complete sense of "worthlessness"

Then I discover tongkat ali (thanks to your website) I spent many, many hours over the course of 1 year reading up on tongkat ali after first reading your site. Finally, three months ago I ordered bulk tongkat ali 50:1 extract. You’re correct, horribly bitter, but I have become accustomed to it now. Here is what has happened since beginning with .5 gram per day, slowly increasing to 2 grams per day (I’ve tried 3 and 4 grams per day):

* Spectacular, amazingly, (not only rock hard, but continuing to swell), erections that almost get painful because of the expansion

* My penis curves "up" to 2' o’clock position (haven't seen that since my early 20's)

* The glans "balloons" so large, that now, my "normal" glans size is the same as my glans size is at the moment of orgasm

* While on the subject of orgasms; I know that every male can remember a few times in his life (I remember 3), when the circumstances were just right, the girl was beautiful, the excitement was so high and prolonged that the resulting orgasm was ... well, lets call it "mind numbing". Now, with tongkat ali every single orgasm, is not only "mind numbing" but I'd go so far as to add: Toe curling. Earth shattering. Mind blowing ecstasy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition

* My amount of ejaculate volume has at least doubled, sometimes tripled (I now "squirt" again instead of "dribbling")

* Orgasm duration: doubled, tripled (adding to the toe curling, earth shattering mind blowing experience)

* After 3 months diabetes is non-existent

* Sinus allergies disappeared

* Facial wrinkles and furrows reduced by at least 50% (my wife was the first to notice this)

* Facial beard growth increased to the point that I again need to shave twice daily (same like in my early 20's)

* Nose and ear hair growth substantially reduced and/or stopped (known indicators of low testosterone levels)

* Arthritis knee pain significantly reduced to the point where pain meds are no longer needed

* High energy

* Losing weight

* No more moments of depression

* Sex, sex, sex, and more sex

* When I'm not having sex, I'm thinking about sex, when I'm not thinking about sex... well, I'm never NOT thinking about sex anymore !!!

* The sight of some nice cleavage causes an erection (just like in my teens........WOW)

* My testes gently throb continually, and a nerve that is located somewhere deep internally that seems to originate from somewhere near my stomach and goes downward to the deep internal part of my penis and continues toward the glans on the underside of my penis,… continues to "throb" most of the time! It's actually quite a pleasant feeling.

* I'm constantly aware of my genitals. As I'm walking, my penis and testes seem to be "leading the way" (kinda cool, and again like my teens)

* I'm again weight-lifting with amazing results

Well, that's it, and thanks again


[Obviously, I have the name and email address on record.]

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